Choosing the Right Sofa

After your bed, your sofa is probably the place you spend most of your downtime at home. It’s the place we retire to after dinner to unwind and watch a bit of TV. It’s most likely the place where you enjoy snuggling up with the family, or maybe the cat or dog – if they are lucky! Although everyone has slightly different needs, most would agree a sofa has got to look good and be comfortable. It’s an expensive purchase to get wrong so we have put together some tops tips to help you make the right choice.

Decide your style

This is largely an instinctive thing. Spend some time browsing magazines or look at pinterest to see what appeals to you. It’s likely that you’ll see a pattern in your choices. You will then be able to narrow down your options and save yourself time. Note whether you prefer loose or fixed covers; are you a fan of traditional styles or are you more interested in clean lines?

Check the size

A sofa that is too large for your room with make your living space feel small and cramped. If you are lucky enough to have lots of elbow room, think about how you are going to balance your sofa with other pieces of furniture. A good idea is to use newspaper or masking tape on the floor to see how much space your furniture will take up. Think about how many people you need to accommodate. Do you entertain a lot or have a large family? If so, you might be better with a more sociable arrangement of two sofas or one sofa and a couple of armchairs. Sectional sofas tend to work well for smaller groups where the focus might be on the TV.

Material and colour

Think about how much wear and tear your sofa will get. Have you got children or pets? If the answer is yes, look for fabrics that are easy to clean. Leather can be a good option for a busy household (but not one for pets with sharp claws!). It’s stylish, easy to wipe clean and it tends to look better with time.

If you like change, a neutral colour is probably best for you. It’s relatively easy and cheap to swap cushions and rugs to keep up with trends. If you gravitate towards bold choices, think about going for a statement colour to bring life and warmth to your living room. Burnt oranges or greens are easier to live with than you might think.


This will be dictated by your personal preference, by the height of the seat base and by the type of filling in the sofa.

A higher seat height is easier to stand up from so is good for the elderly or those with knee or mobility problems. A lower seat height tends to have a more informal look, requires a little more flexibility and will probably appeal to a young family. At Knees, we stock several manual and powered reclining sofas and armchairs – lovely if you like an afternoon nap or enjoy a more horizontal TV watching experience. 

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