October 2018

We’ve always been big fans of Stoves range cookers. They combine character with style in a way that makes them a great fit for any home. But, with the introduction of some new features and upgrades, good just got even better.

The changes are to Stoves’ Richmond and Sterling collections which are both hot sellers at our Trowbridge and Malmesbury stores. All the usual features you would expect in a high end oven are still there – telescopic shelves, easy-to-clean enamel, multifunction ovens and ergonomic controls. The look is also similar. The changes are to the size ( 900mm, 1000mm and 1100mm are now available) and the technology.

A bluetooth timer connected to a free app means you can now control your cooking using your phone or tablet – very handy if you have a lot to juggle at home around mealtimes or if you simply want to take the dog for a walk or relax in a different room while dinner is bubbling away.

Another key innovation is something called the Proflex cavity splitter. All sounds a bit Star Trek but what that really means is that you can change one large oven space into two separate fan ovens. Practically speaking your range cooker can be used as 3 or 4 separate ovens. You might not use this function every day but you’ll appreciate it if you have a big family and love to cook, entertain a lot and for family feast times like Christmas and Easter.  

A lot of investment has gone into these new features. Combining traditional features with a more high-tech approach is a smart move from Stoves. It’s the best of both worlds and has Stoves nipping at the heels of Rangemaster.  And with a 5 year warranty, a Made in Britain tag and a great price point – what’s not to love?

If you need any advice about range ovens just pop into our Trowbridge or Malmesbury stores to talk to one of our experts or browse the new Stoves range oven models on our website.