Dar Lighting

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  • Product Code: AGA0150

    Dar Lighting Agatha 1 Light Pendant Polished Chrome

  • Product Code: AKA6524

    Dar Lighting Akavia Easy Fit Green Pendant

  • Product Code: AKA6539

    Dar Lighting Akavia Easy Fit Grey Pendant

  • Dar Lighting_Amalfi Wall Light_AMA0750Product Code: AMA0750

    Dar Lighting Amalfi Wall Light in Polished Chrome

  • Product Code: AMI0135

    Dar Lighting Amiel 1lt Pendant Aged Gold With Real Wood Cowl

  • Product Code: CUR0175

    Dar Lighting Curtis 1lt Pendant Antique Brass & Champagne Glass

  • Product Code: DIO6508

    Dar Lighting Dionne Non Elec Pendant Polished Chrome Clear Droppers

  • Product Code: DOL6539

    Dar Lighting Dolores Easy Fit Pendant Faux Silk Grey

  • Dar Lighting_Emma Pendant_EMM1350Product Code: EMM1350

    Dar Lighting Emma 9 light Pendant Chandelier

  • Product Code: FIL6524

    Dar Lighting Filip Easy Fit Pendant Green Leaf Print

  • Product Code: GIN0167

    Dar Lighting Ginny 1 Light Pendant Black Chrome/ Copper

  • Product Code: JEB0164

    Dar Lighting Jeb 1 Light Pendant Bright Copper