Numatic was founded in 1969 in the Somerset town of Crewkerne, where it produced its first commercial vacuum cleaner design for cleaning coal, oil and gas fired boilers. Numatic delivers professional, practical and reliable equipment, designed, engineered and made right here in the UK.

The first vacuum cleaner designs were made of a combination of oil drums and everyday components that were readily available, such as suitcase handles, furniture castors and domestic washing-up bowls.

The Numatic product range includes:

  • Vacuum Cleaners
  • Floor Cleaners
  • Accessories and Bags

The first Henry vacuum cleaner was produced on the production line in 1981 and he is still designed, engineered and made right here in the UK with more than 12 million made.

Independently rated the UK’s most reliable vacuum brand, Numatic understands the need and demand for sustainable cleaning solutions. Longevity, efficiency, serviceability and recyclability are their four values. Above all else, the most sustainable products are those that you are able to use day after day, without fail, for many years.

Numatic has built its products according to this philosophy since day one, testing beyond the standards and delivering sustainable cleaning solutions that provide the productivity you need today, tomorrow and for the next 50 years.

Their aim is to continue to be innovative, maintain a high standard of quality and to provide good value for money.


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