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Looking to buy a new fridge freezer? Hear’s how to buy the best one for you

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Make fridge freezer buying easy with this guide

If you’re looking for a new fridge freezer there are a few things to think about before you buy. From the size and split ratio to extra features such as water dispensers and smart technology, this guide outlines some of the key points to consider. It’s only a guide so make sure you do your research before buying and if you have questions please talk to a member of our team. Keep reading to find the best fridge freezer for you.


  • Choosing the right size
  • Split type
  • Choosing the right hinge type
  • Freestanding fridge freezers
  • Integrated fridge freezers
  • Common fridge freezer features to look out for
  • Delivery and removal of old appliances

Choosing the right size

It might sound obvious, but make sure you measure the space where your appliance will go before you buy. We have a range of widths to choose from including slimline fridge freezers, as well as standard 60cm fridge freezers. You’ll also need to think about the height of your new appliance, especially if it needs to fit into or beneath an existing cupboard.

And don’t forget to consider any access issues. Will you have to negotiate any narrow doors or hallways? Will it need to be carried upstairs to get to your kitchen?

Split type

The split type on a fridge freezer refers to how much space you have in the fridge and freezer compartments. If you prefer more fridge space for all your fresh food, the most popular choice is a 70/30 split. Other options include a 60/40 split or a 50/50 split if you prefer a bigger freezer compartment instead.

Choosing the right hinge type

When choosing a fridge freezer, you’ll need to consider whether you want the doors to have a fixed hinge or sliding hinge. This is important as you cannot change between the two types.

  • Fixed hinges tend to last far longer than the sliding variety of hinge, although if you are replacing a product you will need to stay with what you have. Please make sure when buying you choose the correct type.
  • Sliding hinges are more widely available in the market as they tend to be easier to install for kitchen fitters. Please be sure to choose the correct type if it is for a replacement. Please watch this video for more information on fixed and sliding hinges:

What kind of fridge freezer do you need?

Finding the best fridge freezer for you isn’t always straightforward. If you’re buying a fridge freezer as part of a kitchen remodel, you’ll need to consider whether you would prefer a freestanding appliance or an integrated fridge freezer.

Freestanding fridge freezers​

A freestanding fridge freezer is a great option if you don’t want your appliance to be built-in and would like the flexibility to take it with you if you move house. They can be positioned anywhere within reach of an electrical socket and come in a variety of styles and colours to complement any interior.

Integrated fridge freezers

An integrated or built-in fridge freezer is one that fits within your cupboards so it’s hidden from view. Integrated fridge freezers are a great option if you want to maintain the clean lines of your kitchen space and prefer a minimalist look. Bear in mind, however, that you may need a specialist fitter to instal an integrated fridge freezer.

Best Fridge freezer integrated

Common fridge freezer features to look out for

Smart technology

A smart fridge is a programmed refrigerator that is able to detect which items you have stored in it and keep track of important details such as expiry dates. These refrigerators work on a barcode or RFID system, whereby they collect the batch and manufacture detail directly from the internet.

Stay fresh technology

Some of the best fridge freezers have features to help to prolong the life of your fresh produce, such as BioFresh from Liebherr. This technology uses a cold mist with a lower temperature to boost the shelf life of products.

Bosch has a similar system called Vitafresh, which has a sealed container in the bottom of the fridge cavity. This area will prolong life on fresh produce meaning less waste and fewer trips to the supermarket.

Water dispenser

Some water dispensers need to be plumbed in so your fridge freezer has a running supply of cold water. Not all fridge freezers are like this though and most water dispensers are filled up manually.

Frost free

A freezer with frost-free technology is one with built-in technology to prevent the build-up of ice. It does this by automatically defrosting itself after a set amount of time.

Energy ratings

The cost to run a fridge freezer may vary from model to model. Please make sure you are happy with the energy rating of your new appliance. More energy-efficient models can cost more but in the life span of the appliance, it can save you significant amounts on electricity.

Delivery and removal of old appliances

Find more information or help with your order and delivery here. We also offer an additional service to remove and recycle your old appliance when we deliver your new one. Please talk to one of our team for prices.

Shop for fridge freezers at Knees Home & Electrical

We stock a wide variety of fridge freezers from top brands you know and trust, including Siemens, Bosch, Hoover and Samsung, so you’re sure to find something to suit your budget.

We have two stores in Wiltshire; one in Trowbridge and one in Malmesbury. We have a range of appliances on display in-store, so you can take a look before you buy.

But you don’t have to live locally to buy your fridge freezer from us. We deliver across mainland UK using our delivery partner, and you can see and buy our entire range online.

If you need any help or advice, our helpful customer service team will be happy to assist you. You’ll be sure to find the best fridge freezer for you with us.


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How to defrost a fridge freezer?

Firstly remove all the items from your freezer and fridge. Then cover the floor with towels to soak up the excess water and turn off the fridge freezer to allow the fridge to warm up and the ice to melt.

How long should you leave a fridge freezer to settle after moving it?

Once your fridge has been safely moved into your kitchen, it needs some time to settle before you can start using it. You should let it stand unplugged, in an upright position, for at least 4 hours to allow its compressor oil to settle.

What should a fridge freezer temperature be?

It is important to keep your fridge freezer at the right temperature. Your fridge should be at 4°C  or below and your freezer should be -18°C. It is also important to check these temperatures regularly using a thermometer.