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How to choose the best coffee table

Coffee tables buyers guide

Coffee tables are a staple part of any living room interior. As well as being functional, they’re a great way to add style to a space or break up large open plan areas. But with so many styles, shapes and materials to choose from, finding the right coffee table can be tricky. Here are some things to think about before you buy.


The height of your new coffee table is important. For the best ergonomic fit, measure the height of the surrounding sofa and chairs and opt for a table that is slightly higher or lower than your seating. If you want a surface to work at, choose a higher table but if you want to create a more relaxed look, go for something lower.


Coffee tables come in many different shapes. The shape you choose is completely up to you, but here are a few helpful tips.

For a really aesthetically pleasing setting, find a rectangular coffee table that is half the length of your sofa. If you have less space, it’s best to go for a smaller round coffee table that you can manoeuvre easily. Oval-shaped coffee tables work well alongside an L-shaped sofa as they allow you to move easily between the coffee table and the seat without hitting sharp corners.


If you want to create a focal point in your living space, opt for a large coffee table. Complete the look by placing a rug underneath for a real statement. However, if you’re really pushed for space, or if you’ve already got a coffee table but want an extra surface, a small side table or end table makes a practical yet stylish addition to your lounge.

Design and style

The design and style of your coffee table is personal taste. Opt for neutral colours or natural materials if you want to create a more subtle look. Prefer to make a statement? Choose a bold colour or more unique design or material to make your coffee table stand out. You might also want to match your coffee table with other pieces of furniture in the room for a cohesive aesthetic.​

How to dress a coffee table

As well as serving a functional purpose, coffee tables are a great way to bring style and creativity into your living space. If you’re not sure where to start, here are our top tips on how to dress your coffee table:

  • Introduce height – the key to dressing your coffee table is to mix heights. Add a tall vase or candle to shake things up – just make sure you can still see the TV!
  • Add some books – coffee table books provide entertainment for guests, while allowing you to showcase your personality
  • Add some greenery – bright flowers or succulent plants will bring colour and texture to your coffee table
  • Have a talking point – consider placing a unique or unusual item on your coffee table. It will add an element of interest and act as a great talking point.

Looking for more tips and ideas? Visit the inspiration hub on our website for more advice.​

Our top picks

Not to be biased, but we have a great selection of coffee tables to choose from. So we thought this post wouldn’t be complete if we didn’t mention a few of our favourites!

Shop for coffee tables at Knees Home & Electrical

At Knees Home & Electrical we sell a wide variety of coffee tables in all shapes and sizes, from square and rectangular to round and oval. We also cater for every style and taste, so whether you’re looking for a contemporary metal coffee table or a traditional wooden coffee table, we’ve got you covered.

Shop the full range of coffee tables on our website or contact our helpful customer service team for more information. We offer free local delivery to set postcodes and work with our logistics partners to offer delivery to the rest of the UK mainland. Visit our delivery services page for details.

Updating more than just your coffee table?

We stock a wide range of home furniture and decor. Why not pair your table with a new TV unit or upgrade your existing sofa or chair for a refreshing new look? The options are endless!


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