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Neff Product Range

We stock a wide selection of NEFF kitchen appliances online and in store. From ovens, microwaves and hobs to fridge freezers, dishwashers and washing machines, we can help you find the perfect appliance to suit your needs.


Steam Ovens


Warming & Sous-Vide Drawers

Cooker Hoods


Fridges & Freezers



Built-in Coffee Machines

NEFF offers a wide selection of ovens that are perfect for any cooking enthusiast. Choose from single, double and compact models, many of which include innovative features that help you to get creative in the kitchen.

Take the unique Slide&Hide® range, for instance. It’s the only door that disappears under the open cavity to give you unrestricted access to the oven’s interior. Not only is it a great space-saver, but it also makes attending to your food that much easier. See our Slide&Hide® online range.

Meanwhile, NEFF’s iconic CircoTherm® hot air system allows you to bake and roast simultaneously without worrying about the flavours intermingling. CircoTherm® technology comes as standard across NEFF’s entire range of ovens, meaning you can say goodbye to that beef flavoured Victoria sponge cake!

And for added convenience, you can choose models with a pyrolytic self-cleaning function. Scrubbing the oven becomes a thing of the past – simply press a button and wait for the fatty deposits to burn away. Then all you need to do is wipe away the ash to leave a sparkling clean oven interior.

We stock a wide range of NEFF ovens including single, double and compact models. Visit our stores in Trowbridge or Malmesbury today to discover the benefits of cooking with NEFF.

Discover new levels of flavour and texture with a NEFF steam oven. Variosteam® models add just the right amount of moisture for delicious baking, roasting and reheating. Cooking with water means dishes won’t dry out when cooking. Meat and fish will be incredibly tender while vegetables retain their essential nutrients to give you healthy, succulent and flavoursome results every time.

There’s even a compact steam oven that’s designed to fit neatly into the cabinetry around your traditional oven or other NEFF appliances. The 18-inch model is incredibly easy to use and comes with several automatic programmes to suit a wide range of dishes.

Alternatively, if you want to explore the benefits of steam while still enjoying the heating modes of a conventional oven, a NEFF Full Steam oven is the perfect choice. They’re simple to operate and the concealed 1-litre water container is easy to refill, plus they’re available with the handy Slide&Hide® disappearing door feature.

If you’re looking for a Vario or Full Steam NEFF oven in West Wiltshire, Bath or the surrounding areas, pop in store today or visit us online.

Whether you opt for gas, electric, induction or domino, a NEFF hob allows you to serve up mouth-watering food for every occasion.

If you’re looking for versatility, an electric ceramic hob is a great option. With up to 17 power settings and an enhanced touch control panel, it gives you full flexibility over your cooking. If, however, you prefer to cook with a flame, you might want to opt for a gas hob. Many gas models by NEFF also include a 9-level FlameSelect® feature which allows you to adjust the flame just like on an electric hob.

An induction hob is another alternative and is an ideal way to cook food quickly and efficiently. NEFF’s FlexInduction hobs detect pots automatically so you can move cookware freely around on the hob. Meanwhile, the TwistPadFire® feature allows you to set the temperature by simply rotating your index finger.

Struggling to decide? Why not mix and match with a NEFF domino hob, which conveniently combines various cooking methods into one hob. From FlexInduction, gas, Teppan Yaki, wok, or ceramic style, combined domino hobs are built to suit your requirements.


NEFF warming drawers bring another level of versatility and convenience into your kitchen. They’re commonly used to warm plates and food, but they can also be used to prove dough, melt chocolate and even slow cook meat.

If you’re an enthusiastic Cookaholic, a NEFF sous-vide drawer is the perfect addition to your kitchen. The drawer uses innovative technology to vacuum seal the ingredients in a bag to bring out the intensity of flavours like never before. 


While some smells enhance the cooking experience, there are others that are best removed from the cooking environment.

NEFF produces a wide range of cooker hoods that are powerful, efficient and quiet. Their sleek design and ambient lighting will also complement your kitchen space perfectly.

Choose from wall-mounted hoods, integrated furniture hoods and ceiling hoods. Or why not opt for a cooktop ventilation system? NEFF’s FlexInduction hobs have a powerful ventilation system built-in, saving you valuable space in the kitchen. 

If you’re looking for a helping hand in the kitchen, NEFF’s selection of microwaves and microwave ovens are the ideal solution.

Microwaves provide a convenient way of preparing dishes quickly, so you can ensure that all of your dishes come together at the right time. The NEFF range includes ovens with microwave functionality and built-in microwaves to give you delicious results in rapid time. 

Whether you prefer the streamlined look of an integrated fridge freezer or a large freestanding American-style model, you’re sure to find a NEFF cooling appliance to meet your needs.

Models with the built-in FreshSafe food preservation system keep ingredients fresher for up to three times longer. Not only will fruit, vegetables and herbs retain their flavour and nutrients, but you’ll also minimise food waste. 

Additional features such as EasyAccess shelf and VarioShelf make organising your food surprisingly easy. Plus, all NEFF cooling appliances have at least an A+ energy rating, helping to save you money on your electricity bills.

Every Cookaholic knows that cooking can be messy, with bubbled-over casserole dishes and caramelised grill pans leaving behind stubborn stains and grease. The good news is that a NEFF dishwasher can handle all of your hard-to-clean cookware with ease, leaving you with sparkling results.

Choose from semi-integrated or fully integrated models, which are available in two widths (45cm and 60cm) to suit your kitchen size and space. NEFF dishwashers include handy functions to tackle even the toughest burnt-on food residue, along with intelligent care programmes that protect your delicate glassware.

Useful features such as Flex baskets and Rackmatic also mean you can accommodate different shapes and sizes of cookware. What’s more, NEFF dishwashers are exceptionally quiet and energy-efficient.  

It’s not just the dishes that need cleaning after you’ve served up a delicious meal. Whether it’s dirty aprons, stained tablecloths or sauce-splattered clothing, you need a washing machine that’s able to handle your laundry with ease.

NEFF washing machines feature an innovative range of programmes that can handle the toughest stains while treating your clothes with the utmost care. 

If you’d rather not wait around for those wet aprons and oven gloves to dry, a NEFF tumble dryer is a must-have. Special functions such as anti-crease and sensitive drying ensure your laundry is in safe hands, while AutoDry prevents shrinkage by automatically setting the level of residual moisture in the laundry.

If you’re short of space, a NEFF washer dryer is the ideal solution as it provides you with both washing and drying functions in a single machine.

Perfect for coffee connoisseurs, NEFF’s built-in fully automated coffee machines make a sleek addition to your kitchen. 

These innovative appliances use Senso Flow brewing to get your drink to the optimum temperature, ensuring every mug has a deliciously smooth taste and rich aroma. What’s more, the OneTouchFunction means you can prepare your favourite beverage at the touch of a button.

Wi-fi and Home Connect enabled, NEFF’s range of stylish built-in coffee machines will fit into your existing kitchen décor and free up valuable space on your worktop.

Why Choose Neff?

About Neff

Cooking passion since 1877

Since being founded by Carl Neff in Germany in 1877, NEFF has grown to become one of the most widely respected kitchen appliance brands on the market.

Motivated by people’s love of cooking, NEFF creates innovative and intuitive appliances that let you explore your creativity and imagination in the kitchen.

Today, NEFF manufactures a wide range of beautiful kitchen appliances including hobs, warming drawers, microwaves, fridges and freezers, dishwashers and washing machines. But the brand is perhaps most famous for its ovens, which include a wealth of intelligent features that make cooking simpler and more enjoyable.

From the iconic Slide&Hide® disappearing oven door to Variosteam® assistance and pyrolytic self-cleaning, there’s plenty of highlights to please passionate ‘Cookaholics’.

NEFF’s ongoing commitment to innovation, functionality and improvement explains why it’s evolved into a household favourite that’s loved by cooking enthusiasts nationwide.

Neff Brand Vision

NEFF has one mission: to develop innovative products and ideas for the most creative of cooks. 

Inspired by society’s passion for food and cooking, NEFF aims to find new and exciting ways to help you explore your culinary imagination. 

So whether you’re preparing a formal four-course dinner or baking a quick treat for loved ones, a NEFF kitchen provides you with everything you need to serve up delicious food time and again.

Innovative features such as Slide&Hide®, TwistPadFire® and CircoTherm® are perfect for cooking enthusiasts who enjoy creating and sharing mouth-watering food that knows no limits.

This pioneering brand is also committed to bringing the future into your kitchen through the smart Home Connect platform, which allows you to control your oven and other appliances via an app.

Simply put, cooking becomes a whole lot easier, and food much tastier, with a kitchen appliance from NEFF.

NEFF has a long history of producing innovative and quality kitchen appliances. So much so that NEFF appliances have even received industry awards for their iconic blend of design and functionality.

NEFF products are built to last, but for added peace of mind all appliances come with a two-year manufacturer’s warranty as standard. This protects against manufacturing faults and defects that occur during this warranty period. With our Price Match Promise you can be sure that we offer competitive pricing.

If you’re shopping for a Neff product in West Wiltshire, including Warminster, Westbury, Trowbridge, Melksham or Bradford-on-Avon, we offer free local delivery to locations within a 25-mile radius of our stores. We also offer nationwide deliver to mainland UK when you shop online.