A good mattress is essential for a refreshing night’s sleep. The best quality mattresses are pocket sprung. Individual springs are housed in separate fabric pockets. The springs work independently to give support and stop rolling during the night. The more pockets there are, the more support there is. The fillings in pocket sprung mattresses tend to be natural fibres like wool, cashmere, cotton or silk. Natural fibres are preferable to synthetic fibres in a mattress as synthetic fibres can cause the body to overheat. We sell a carefully selected range of pocket sprung mattresses. Handmade in Wiltshire, these mattresses are all top quality at range of affordable prices.  


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  • Product Code: Ashton Mattress

    The Ashton Mattress

  • Product Code: Bedwyn Mattress

    The Bedwyn Mattress

  • Product Code: Bratton Mattress

    The Bratton Mattress

  • Product Code: Honeystreet Mattress

    The Honeystreet Mattress

  • Product Code: Sandridge Mattress

    The Sandridge Mattress

  • Product Code: Wingfield Mattress

    The Wingfield Mattress