Built -In Refrigeration

We sell a wide range of built in fridges and fridge freezers from top brands including Bosch, Blomberg, Neff and more.

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  • Product Code: KNM4561i

    Blomberg Built in Fridge Freezer

  • Product Code: TSM1750U

    Blomberg Built In Larder Fridge

  • Bosch_Integrated_Fridge_Freezer_GIN38A55GBProduct Code: GIN38A55GB

    Bosch Built In Integrated Freezer

  • Product Code: KUR15A50GB

    Bosch Built in Undercounter Fridge

  • Bosch_builtin_Fridge_Freezer_KIV85VF30GProduct Code: KIV85VF30G

    Bosch Fixed Hinged Built in Fridge Freezer

  • Bosch_Builtin_Fridge_Freezer_KIN85AF30Product Code: KIN85AF30G

    Bosch Integrated Built In Fridge Freezer

  • Bosch_Fridge_Freezer_KIR81VS30GProduct Code: KIR81VS30G

    Bosch Sliding Hinge Built In Larder Fridge

  • Bosch_builtin_Fridge Freezer_KIV85VS30GProduct Code: KIV85VS30G

    Bosch Sliding Hinged Built in Fridge Freezer

  • Product Code: K8524X8GB

    Neff Built In 70/30 Fridge Freezer

  • Product Code: KI5852F30G

    Neff Built in Fridge Freezer

  • KI7853D30G-Neff-Built-In-No-Frost-Fridge-FreezerProduct Code: KI7853D30G

    Neff Built In No Frost Fridge Freezer