Hoods, Extractor Fans & Splashbacks

Keep your kitchen and cooking area clean and free of cooking smells with a cooker hood and splashback. As well as being functional, cooker hoods and splashbacks can also make a real style statement. Take a look at some of the options below. We sell a wide selection of cooker hoods and splashbacks from top brands including Ringmaster and Neff. 60, 90, 100, 110cm.

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  • Product Code: D76MH52N1B

    Neff 60cm Chimney Cooker Hood

  • Neff-Chimney-Cooker-Hood-D86GR22N0BProduct Code: D86GR22N0B

    Neff 60cm Chimney Cooker Hood

  • Neff_Canopyhood_D36E49S0GBProduct Code: D36E49S0GB

    Neff 90cm Angled Black Glass Chimney Cooker Hood

    £549.00 £399.00
  • Product Code: D69B21N0GB

    Neff 90cm Chimney Cooker Hood

  • Product Code: 100cm-Hood105

    Rangemaster 100cm Flat Hood

  • Product Code: Splash-107

    Rangemaster 100cm Glass Splashback

  • Product Code: 96770

    Rangemaster 100cm Universal Splashback

  • Product Code: 105190

    Rangemaster 110cm Flat Hood

  • Product Code: 10759

    Rangemaster 110cm Glass Splashback

  • Product Code: 63290

    Rangemaster 110cm Universal Splashback

  • Product Code: 105330

    Rangemaster 90 cm Flat Hood

  • Product Code: 10748

    Rangemaster 90cm Glass Splashback