Light Shades

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  • Product Code: AKA6524

    Dar Lighting Akavia Easy Fit Green Pendant

  • Product Code: AKA6539

    Dar Lighting Akavia Easy Fit Grey Pendant

  • Product Code: DEV1729

    Dar Lighting Devyn Natural Cotton Shade 2 Pack 30cm And 40cm

  • Product Code: DOL6539

    Dar Lighting Dolores Easy Fit Pendant Faux Silk Grey

  • Product Code: FIL6524

    Dar Lighting Filip Easy Fit Pendant Green Leaf Print

  • Product Code: MAJ1629

    Dar Lighting Maja Hand Woven Light Shade 40cm

  • Product Code: TIM6503

    Dar Lighting Timon Easy Fit Pendant Pink With Copper Lining