Electric Fires

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  • Dimplex Willowbrook Electric StoveProduct Code: WLL20

    Dimplex Willowbrook Opti-Myst Electric Stove

  • Wynford electric fire dimplexProduct Code: WYN20

    Dimplex Wynford Electric Fire

  • Dimplex-X!-Silver-Freestanding-Electric-fireProduct Code: X1

    Dimplex X1 Electric Remote Control Fire

  • Dimplex-Traditional_Yeominster-Radiant-FireProduct Code: YEO20

    Dimplex Yeominster Radiant Fuel Effect Fire

  • Freestanding Fire - Zamora - ZAM20 - DimplexProduct Code: ZAM20

    Dimplex Zamora Optiflame Electric Fire

  • IG0500-INGENIX-RADIATORProduct Code: IG0500

    Igenix 0.6kw Oil Filled Radiator

  • IG1650-INGENIX-OIL-RADIATORProduct Code: IG1650

    Igenix 1.6kw Oil Filled Radiator

  • IG9030-INGENIX-CERAMIC-HEATERProduct Code: IG9030

    Igenix 1.8kw Ceramic Fan Heater

  • IG2655-2.5KW-OIL-HEATER-INGENIXProduct Code: IG2655

    Igenix 2.5kw Oil Filled Radiator with Timer


    Igenix 2kw Convector Heater

  • IG5250-INGENIX-HEATERProduct Code: IG5250

    Igenix 2kw Convector Heater with Timer

  • IG9010-INGENIX-FAN-HEATERProduct Code: IG9010

    Igenix 2kw Fan Heater