After your bed, your sofa is probably the place you spend most of your downtime at home. It’s the place we retire to after dinner to unwind and watch a bit of TV. It’s most likely the place where you enjoy snuggling up with the family, or maybe the cat or dog – if they are lucky! Although everyone has slightly different needs, most would agree a sofa has got to look good and be comfortable. We sell a great range of sofas and armchairs in a variety of styles, sizes and fabrics. From corner to reclining and traditional to contemporary, as well as a range of co-coordinating furniture and home accessories there is something to suit everyone.

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  • Alonso Sofa Front_WebProduct Code: Alonso

    Alonso Sofa Range

  • Arlo Sofa_FrontProduct Code: Arlo

    Arlo Sofa Range

  • Product Code: Dax

    Dax Sofa Range

  • Eliza sofaProduct Code: Eliza

    Eliza Sofa Range

  • Felicity Sofa_HJHomeProduct Code: Felicity

    Felicity Sofa Range

  • Frazer brown leather sofa_webProduct Code: Frazer

    Frazer Sofa Range

  • Hattie Sofa_HJHomeProduct Code: Hattie

    Hattie Sofa Range

  • Logan Sofa_HJHomeProduct Code: Logan

    Logan Sofa Range

  • Lola Sofa_HJHomeProduct Code: Lola

    Lola Sofa Range

  • Product Code: Mabel

    Mabel Sofa Range

  • Milo Sofa_HJHomeProduct Code: Milo

    Milo Sofa Range

  • Oliver Sofa_HJHomeProduct Code: Oliver

    Oliver Sofa Range