Sofas and Armchairs

After your bed, your sofa is probably the place you spend most of your downtime at home. It’s the place we retire to after dinner to unwind and watch a bit of TV. It’s most likely the place where you enjoy snuggling up with the family, or maybe the cat or dog – if they are lucky! Although everyone has slightly different needs, most would agree a sofa has got to look good and be comfortable. We sell a great range of sofas and armchairs in a variety of styles, sizes and fabrics. From corner to reclining and traditional to contemporary, there is something to suit everyone. 


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  • Archie-Leather-SofaProduct Code: Archie

    Archie Sofa

  • Arlo room setProduct Code: Arlo

    Arlo Sofa

  • Arundel sofa bedProduct Code: Arundel

    Arundel Sofa Bed

  • Bronte room setProduct Code: Bronte

    Bronte Sofa

  • Felix SofaProduct Code: Felix

    Felix Sofa

    £1,499.00 £799.00
  • Product Code: Georgia

    Georgia Sofa

  • Grayson-Fabric-Corner-SofaProduct Code: Grayson

    Grayson Sofa

  • Hazel-Fabric-Sofa-FootstoolProduct Code: Hazel

    Hazel Sofa

  • Hendrix-SofaProduct Code: Hendrix

    Hendrix Sofa

  • Logan-Corner-small-stool-Ealing-CharlcoalProduct Code: Logan

    Logan Sofa

  • Lolo-Large-Soho-TealProduct Code: Lola

    Lola Sofa

  • Milo-room-setProduct Code: Milo

    Milo Sofa